• Sakis Gekas will give the this year’s Dr. Arthur G. Nikelly annual lecture on Thursday March 2nd, 2017 at 2pm in Room 1027, Lincoln Hall, 702 South Wright St. in Urbana. The topic of Prof. Gekas’ lecture will be “State and Economy in the 19th-Century Mediterranean: The Case of Greece”Dr. Arthur G. Nikelly Annual Lecture March 2nd 2017


  • Sakis Gekas, ‘British Colonialism in the Mediterranean and Greek history’, University of Toronto History Students Association Conference Colonizer and ColonizedJanuary 21, 2017, 11.00am – 5.30pm


  • Congratulations to Christopher Grafos, who passed his dissertation examination on December 19, 2016, with no corrections. His dissertation title is “Canada’s Greek moment: Transnational politics, activists, and spies during the long sixties”.


  • Sakis Gekas is one of twenty-one Stavros Niarchos Foundation Greek Diaspora Fellows, to work on the Collaborative Project on Empire, Colonialism and Global History in the Mediterranean World (Research Collaboration, Graduate Teaching and student mentoring).
    The Host Institution will be the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete and Sakis Gekas will work with Professor Petmezas and Professor Elias Kolovos in May 2017
Prof. Sakis Gekas selected to work with University of Crete

.Greek Diaspora Fellowship Press Release University of Crete

  • Sakis Gekas, ‘This is not about lazy Greeks and Nazi Germans; Greece, Germany and the EU crisis of legitimacy’, Workshop ‘Germany, the Balkans and the European Union’, 15 October 2016, CERES, Munk School of Global Affairs


  • We welcome Spyros Papageorgakis, Graduate Student in Greek History and recipient of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation International Fellowship (PhD) in September 2016. Spyros is a graduate of the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Athens and holds a MA in History from Birkbeck College, University of London.


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